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          Guilin Coninst -- With the longest history in the field of electrical contact materials in China         
          Guilin Coninst -- The leader of the electrical contact technology of China  
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          High Voltage Contact Products


                 Guilin Coninst has been conducting research and manufacture of contacts for high-voltage switches for over 30 years.  In previous key projects of China on high-voltage circuit breaker manufacturing technology, Guilin Coninst has undertaken for many times the research and development of the high-voltage contact assemblies which have passed all the type tests. The high-voltage contact manufacturing technology of Guilin Coninst is in the leading position in China. For example, the arc-resistant CuW contact materials manufactured by the technology of pre-sintering tungsten skeleton and infiltration have good overall electrical property, and the contact assemblies welded by electron beam welder have good overall mechanical property. The high-voltage contact products of Guilin Coninst are widely used to the SF6 circuit breakers of 40.5kV~ 252kV.

          High voltage contact products of Guilin Coninst include:      

          1. Copper Tungsten (CuW)
          2. Copper Tungsten / Chromium Copper (CuW/CuCr0.7)
          3. Copper Tungsten / Copper (CuW/Cu)
          4. Copper Tungsten / Iron (CuW/Fe)
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