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          Guilin Coninst -- With the longest history in the field of electrical contact materials in China         
          Guilin Coninst -- The leader of the electrical contact technology of China  
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          Low-Voltage Contact Materials

                  Guilin Coninst has been conducting research and development in low-voltage contact materials for more than 40 years, and possesses a strong technical base and rich experience in R & D and production of contact materials. In recent years, Guilin Coninst has developed a series of new processes, new equipment and new contact materials, with the technical level leading the field of electrical contacts in China. The newly developed contact materials have been successfully applied to many internationally well-known device manufacturers.
                The technical level and production capacity of Guilin Coninst has been greatly improved recently, with the annual production capacity of low-voltage contact materials up to 500 tons.

          Main products:
                Low-voltage contact materials are those contact materials which are used in the low-voltage devices with the working voltage under AC1200V or DC1500V, and which of Guilin Coninst include:

          1. Pure Silver (PAg)
          2. Fine Grain Silver (FAg)
          3. Silver Nickel (AgNi)
          4. Silver Cadmium Oxide (AgCdO)
          5. Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO2)/Silver Tin Oxide Indium Oxide (AgSnO2In2O3)
          6. Silver Zink Oxide (AgZnO)
          7. Silver Graphite (AgC)
          8. Silver Nickel Carbide (AgNiC)
          9. Silver Tungsten (AgW)/Silver Tungsten Carbide (AgWC)

          Most of these materials can be supplied in the form of wire, strip, profile, tip, rivet, welded or brazed assembly.
          As for AgCdO, AgSnO2/AgSnO2In2O3, AgZnO, AgC, AgNiC, AgW/AgWC tips, special processes can be used to get a Ag layer of a certain thickness for better welding onto the carrier material. As for AgSnO2, a further layer of brazing material (like AgCuP material of a lower melt point) can be clad to the Ag layer, so as to facilitate subsequent automatic welding operation.


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