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          Guilin Coninst -- With the longest history in the field of electrical contact materials in China         
          Guilin Coninst -- The leader of the electrical contact technology of China  
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          Moulding Compounds


                 Guilin Coninst started its research and development on electrical engineering plastic compounds in the early 1980' s, and has transferred the research achievements of many years into mass production.  Now Guilin Coninst has become a production base for high-performance electrical moulding compounds, with annual production capability up to 2000 tons.  The moulding compounds of Guilin Coninst possess good properties and stable quality, with the technical level in the leading position in China.  Some products have got UL certificates.

                 The moulding compounds are supplied in dry granular pellet form and are suitable for automatic injection, transfer and compression moulding. The products are widely used to the components of low-voltage devices, switches, household appliances, motors and controlling devices, etc.

          The moulding compound products of Guilin Coninst include:      

          1. Heat-resistant modified unsaturated polyester (PT-310)
          2. Tracking resistant modified polyester (PT-610)
          3. Melamine modified polyester (MU-100)
          4. Dry-type unsaturated polyester (UP-100)
          5. Special electrical moulding compounds (PT-201)
          6. Epoxy moulding compounds (EM-200)
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