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          Guilin Coninst -- With the longest history in the field of electrical contact materials in China         
          Guilin Coninst -- The leader of the electrical contact technology of China  
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          Vacuum Contact Materials


                   Guilin Coninst is a R & D base of contact materials for middle and high voltage applications in China and is a key company for manufacturing middle and high voltage contact materials in China. Coninst started the research of the contact materials for vacuum switches in 1970s, imported the manufacturing technology and production line for CuCr contacts from Siemens, Germany in 1985, and imported the Vacuum Arc Melting Furnace from Germany in 1999 and then began to develop CuCr contact materials with vacuum arc melting (VAM) method. Coninst was the first to make research and production of vacuum contact materials in China, with the most varieties of the contact materials. The annual production capacity is up to 500,000 pieces.

          Vacuum contact products of Guilin Coninst include:

          1. Copper Chromium (CuCr)
          2. Tungsten Copper (WCu)
          3. Tungsten Copper Tellurium (WCuTe)
          4. Tungsten Carbide Silver (WCAg)
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